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18th Century Oil on Canvas from France, Le Comte De Broissia

This elegant 300 year old painting of a Mother and Father standing over the baby count of Broissia dates to the early 1700’s. A serene light falls upon the Mother and child, with details retreating into darkness beyond the father figure. On the back of the large format canvas, we see old writing "Le Comte De Broissia" or The Count of Broissia. Broissia is a commune in the Jura department in Franche Compte in eastern France. This baby would have been designated this noble title of Count of Broissia, which is between the Marquis and Viscount. This title began to be applied in France around the ninth century and continued to be bestowed by kings towards those of their subjects who were of unusual service either in the administration or in war. Although this was not initially designed to be a hereditary title, over the centuries, the title came to become permanent in the family and was delivered to the next generation by primogeniture [i.e. to the first born son].

The use of light and shading in this painting is quite remarkable. Framed dimensions are roughly 4.6 feet tall by 4 feet wide.

CONDITION: Old restorations to left bottom and right bottom of painting.  Craquelure and varnish inconsistencies, all commensurate with age of painting.

H=55 1/4, W=47 5/8, D=2
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