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Code 219-27
Antique Figural Tapestry from Belgium, 18th Century

From Belgium, this antique figural tapestry dates to the mid 1700. Situated on the lush foliate grounds of a countryside village are two individuals - A lady is sitting upon a blanket with her right hand in a jewelry box, and a man greeting her with his mask in his hand. In the background is a tree-lined home and a fortified castle nestled in the forest and hills. A meandering stream is behind the two people with two ducks playing in the water. The tapestry has retained its bright reds, blues, and greens, and has been lined on the back. There is the standard two section border, and it includes small rings along the back of the top for easy hanging.

CONDITION:  Good condition with very minor separations in some areas.  Lining is loose on the bottom right hand corner.

H=58 3/8, L=84 1/4, D=1/4
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