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Code 319-84
17th Century Tapestry Fragment with Ornate Border

This incredible tapestry fragment depicts a Noble woman with a warrior standing to the back left, carrying a halberd. She has pearls in her hair and on her wrist, and is wearing a robe trimmed in ermine and adorned with Fleur de Lys throughout. A dress is beneath this robe and a flowing scarf goes from her arm to around the back of her head.  To her right is a turned wooden column, and there is a man’s hand raised in front of the column in the direction she is looking. This is the part of the tapestry that no longer exists. Above, is a bird carrying a small white bag against a light blue sky.

The floral border is fantastic with the four large birds in each corner. There is a triple ribboned border in between the floral section and main part of the tapestry and a double ribboned border along the outside edge.

CONDITION: Good antique condition with tiny marks and minor fraying on edges. Normal wear commensurate with age.

H=60 1/2, W=46 1/2, D=1/4
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