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Code 914-4
Large and Rare Period French Regence Trumeau Depicting a Hunting Scene

From the early 1700s, or the Regence period, is this rare and tall French trumeau which most likely came from a boiserie or wooden paneled room. The paneling would have been in the same colors with some of the same motifs. At the bottom of this trumeau is a piece of painted wood that would have fit into a slot in another piece of furniture, such as a buffet, console, mantel, etc.

The painting depicts a hunting scene on the banks of a body of water with mountains, trees and a chateau in the lower area of the mountain. The hunter with his gun pointed at the birds and his hunting dog, who is at the water’s edge, are at the center forefront of the painting. Another man in a red coat is behind him holding the other hunting dog by his leash and carrying a leather satchel. The left hand bottom portion of the painting has rocks, boulders and scrub foliage and vines. The gilded frame has motifs of patterned grounds, scrolls, stylized flowers and beading. Glass has been fully backed with wood. This rare and beautiful trumeau is quite imposing at nearly 8 feet tall, and will accent any area it is place within.

CONDITION: Good condition, wear commensurate with age. Old restorations, stretcher marks. Mirror is recent. Frame has minor losses and restorations. Inspect photos..

H=92 3/4, W=42 1/2
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