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Code 319-44B
Antique French Louis Philippe Silverleaf Mirror

This versatile antique French Louis Philippe has been finished in silver leaf with diagonal rectangles of silver leaf on the raised center molding.  There is a plain indented molding above and beneath this center molding.  A plain silver leaf molding surrounds the inner portion of the mirror.  At the bottom corners, there is an incised image of the outline of a flower.

This clean lines of the Louis Philippe mirror make them adaptable to nearly any style of interior. The mirrors were very popular in the 2nd half of the 19th century. They could be found above fireplace mantels in apartments all across Paris and other big cities in France.

CONDITION:  Minor losses to silver leaf, old restorations, age separations, abrasions to finish and minor losses of silvering to mirror.

H=42, W=29 1/4, D=1 3/8
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