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Code 216-8
Large Antique Stripped Walnut Wood Rococo Style Mirror

This is a fabulous hand-carved, Rococo style, stripped walnut wood mirror. Rococo or Rocaille in French, refers to pebbles and shells in grottos. The Rococo style was a reaction to the Baroque style of rigidity and towards a new style of nature with free flowing forms. This mirror’s motifs exemplify nature at its best. There are beautiful raised, hand carved motifs of irregular stylized shells, scrolling acanthus leaves, c -and s-scrolls, flowers, ribbons and more throughout the frame of his mirror.

Notice the horizontal decorated molding at the base of the mirror. This shape of mirror was attributed to the brother-in-law and successor of Hardouin-Mansart, Robert de Cotte, who initially worked on the great projects undertaken in Versailles. His chimney pieces were surmounted by mirrors with horizontal moldings at the bottom, which previously would have had paintings and relief carvings adorning them. This became one of many of his great successes in the 18th century. This beautiful and very large 19th century mirror will be a focal point wherever it is placed.

CONDITION: Very good antique condition; minor loss to a few motifs, mirror has been replaced, age separations..

H=60 1/4, W=64 1/2
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