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Code 1017-6
Monumental 19th Century Baroque Mirror from Italy

This very large, highly carved, wooden oval mirror is absolutely stunning. It's large motifs and dramatic flourishes to the acanthus leaf carvings indicate it is a Baroque Revival piece, most likely carved in the Tuscany region of Italy during the 1800s. The original Baroque carving style of the late 1600's became popular throughout Europe, especially Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. Due to this mirrors extreme size and time intensive detailed ornamentation, it may have been used as a showpiece by the cabinet shop that created it. It served as a representation of the firms skill in wood carving and design, and the cost of manufacture would have been substantial. Sometimes mirrors like this would have been paired with a matching console table. The deeply carved motifs of scrolling acanthus leaves, flowers, putti, mascarons, animals, and drapery swags are representative of motifs that would have also been used in a late 17th Century example.  The putti and cherubs throughout represent literature and music. Animal mascarons symbolize protection.

Today, this extraordinarily beautiful, hand carved mirror can be placed over a console or left on its own upon a wall. It has recently been stripped and lightly bleached.

CONDITION: Very good condition with areas of small motifs missing. Some minor cracks and age separations, restorations. Recently stripped and bleached

H=93 3/8, W=65 1/2, D=11


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