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Code 616-3
Antique Gilded Louis XV Style Mirror, 19th Century

This elegant, antique French, gilded, Louis XV style mirror is called a Miroir a “Parcloses” in France.  It has four canted side mirrored panels separated and held in place from the main center mirror by giltwood ornamentation. The unusual arrangement of the separate pieces of silvered glass seen here gives this type of mirror its distinctive name of a "Parcloses". This term refers to the pieces of molding that join the inner and outer frames.  Also, the placement of the silvered mirrors at the top, bottom and both sides that are canted, reflect a different area of the room from that of the larger central silvered glass plate. 

From the 1800’s, this giltwood French parcloses mirror has elegant motifs throughout from floral and foliate to shells and grape clusters and many more.  The center mirror is beveled, while the canted mirrors are not. The mirrors have minor losses to their silvering. This antique French parcloses mirror will be a wonderful focal point in any room.

CONDITION:  Old restorations; minor losses to motifs and gilding, minor cracks and rubs.

H=47, W=29, D=4 1/4
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