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Code 410-48
Pair of Rustic Antique French Andirons, Circa 1700

This well worn pair of forged andirons originated in France, in the late 1600's to early 1700's. They are sometimes known as "landiers" which indicates they not only supported fire logs, but they served as a cooking tool. The hooks in the front would hold the rotisserie rod, and the "cups" on top would hold bowls of food or liquids that needed to be warmed. These extremely old andirons would be well placed in any primitive or country fireplace.

CONDITION: Well worn, rust, pitting to iron, etc. Please inspect photos.

Height Andiron 1=27 1/2. Height Andiron 2=26 3/4. Width=11 7/8, Depth=18 7/8
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