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Code 311-5
18th Century Fleur De Lys Fireback

The oldest firebacks in the world date from the 15th century when casting iron was its in early days. They are used to catch the heat from a wood fire and radiate it back into the room. They protect the back of the fireplace against heat and flames. Today they are still in use all over the world, but they have also become decorative art and are often displayed around the home or used as a stove backsplash. This particular fireback dates to the 1700s and is covered in fleurs de lys. The layout or design, is known as "Fleurdelise".

Condition:  Loss of iron to lower left corner due to rainwater in chimney, wear to surface as seen in photos

H=22 3/8, W=21 1/2, D=3/4
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