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Code 415-30
Antique Cast Iron Fireback, France 1800s

This charming antique French fireback has a stylized crown at the top over a mascaron.  Beneath there is a boy and girl supporter on either side of a cartouche.  The central part of the cartouche has the triple fleur de lys.

Firebacks were first used about 450-500 years ago, when they learned that the iron would reflect and disperse the heat from the fireplace without letting it all escape via chimney.  Today, they are still used for this purpose as well as accessorizing with tile, displayed as a piece of art, inset into a stone wall and many more choices.

CONDITION:  Very Good Condition; minor crack to right hand area. Structurally sound.

H=27 3/4, W=29 3/4
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