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Code 315-16
Large 18th Century Coat of Arms Fireback from France

This nearly perfectly square fireback was created in the 1700s in France. The arms of France are on a shield, adorned with a large crown. The circular inner frame is cornered by more fleur de lys and it is in very good condition and has detail. Firebacks were first used about 450-500 years ago, when they learned that the iron would reflect and disperse the heat from the fireplace without letting it all escape via chimney. Many Chateaux would have fireplaces in several rooms, varying in sizes. The main room would have massive fireplaces with corresponding massive firebacks. Today, firebacks are still used to disperse heat, as well as other design purposes, such as inset into a decorative tile wall in the kitchen, or displayed as a piece of art anywhere.

CONDITION: Excellent. Minor wear.

H=32, W=31 7/8
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