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Code 417-112
A Pair of Forged 17th Century Kitchen Fireplace Andirons from France

These antique French andirons are from the 1600’s. Their uppermost portions were crafted to hold cups or bowls of liquid which would then be heated from the fire behind. The hooks attached to the front of the andirons were for placement of iron horizontal bars. Pots with handles having hooks on them would be hung from these bars for cooking or roasting. Logs would be placed horizontally across the extended back legs, giving the fire room to breathe.

Notice the hand wrought details such as the way the front hooks have been wrapped around the main bar at the center.  Also, note the cup holder placement onto the main bar at the top.  These wonderfully worn andirons from the 1600’s will make a statement in any fireplace.

 CONDITION: Very good. Well worn with rusting, hammer marks on iron, pitting to iron in areas, all commensurate with age being in the 1600’s and use.

H=31, W=13, D=22 3/4
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