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Code 417-19
Early 1800s Heraldic Cast Iron Fireback from France

Heraldic cast iron firebacks go back 500 plus years.  They would depict a family‚Äôs coat of arms at the center, and symbols in the form of animals, birds, plants, and numerous other images which were personal to their family.  This fireback has the Cross of Lorraine at the top with floral motifs and a crown above the coat of arms. Some of the images are obscured by age and use. There is the Fleur de Lys, the Cross of Lorraine, Rampant Lions and others too obscured to identify.  Outside the Coat of Arms are stylized florets, Eagles as supporters are on either side and an animal, perhaps a lamb, cow or a horse with a flowing tail at the center bottom. An interior linear border surrounds the entire fireback.

Firebacks are placed at the back of the firebox to emit heat out into the room.  Today they are also used decoratively.

CONDITION: Very good. Wear from age and use as seen in photos.

H=21, W=21 1/2, D=5/8
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