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Code 319-46
Antique French Cast Iron and Brass Chimney Bar with Dogs, Circa 1850

This wonderful French brass and iron fireplace fender dates to the middle 19th century, and it is adorned with well detailed dogs at either end. There is a brass rod with a center connection to the base.  There are dogs (possibly whippets?) at either end on a stepped-out platform.  There is a gilded scrolling motif with tassels in front of the platform and beneath the dogs. Each has a small gilded color attached to its neck. The fireplace bar is meant to be adjustable in length to serve different widths of firebox openings.

Chimney bars such as this were designed decorate the front of the fireplace, but they also served to prevent logs from rolling out onto the floor. This charming "bar de cheminee" is particularly unique in its design with the detailed little dogs at either end.

CONDITION:  Good antique condition with minor scratches on brass rod, dogs and base. 

H=6 3/4, L=38 3/4, D=3 3/4
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