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Code 918-23
Pair of Antique Bronze Dore Cherub Chenets from France, 19th Century

This is an outstanding pair of antique French gilt bronze chenets from the mid to late 1800s. Two cherubs rest upon decadent platforms composed of 3 thick C-Scrolled legs adorned with oak leaves, acorns, and shells. One of the cherubs has a miniature harp in its hand, while the other holds his cloth in his right hand. Both cherubs have their original wings. These wonderful French gilt bronze cherub chenets are typical of the Napoleon III taste, and they will draw the eye anywhere they are placed. The chenets can also be re-purposed into lamps or used as elegant standalone accessories on a buffet or table.

CONDITION:  Good antique condition with some minor black marks, rubs, and motif missing in cherub’s hand.

H=15, W=12, D=13 3/4
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