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Code 417-110
Pair of 17th Century French Andirons

These artistically hand wrought and hammered, 17th century andirons can be used in any style of design because of their elegantly simplistic design. They have recently been brushed with a wire bristled brush and waxed with a clear paste wax, which gives them a beautiful patina.

Logs would be placed horizontally across the extended back legs of the andirons. The hooks at the front were for placement of iron bars, which would hold pots for heating and cooking over the fire. Their silvery color, simple design, and of over 300 years of history, make these a very attractive pair of fireplace andirons.

CONDITION: Very good, with recently cleaned, brushed and waxed patina. Minor areas of rust.

H=20 1/4, W=8 1/8, D=17 5/8
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