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Code 417-20
Rare 13th Century Limestone and Oak Fireplace from France

This fireplace mantel comes from an ancient property near the town of Poitiers France.  It is one of the earliest fireplaces that can be found on the market today.  It is 13th century, putting it at approximately 750 to 800 years old.   The oldest fireplaces on record in France date to the 11th century, and it was only in the 14th century that their popularity spread to Chateaux and Monasteries all over the country.  These early fireplaces were the first to protrude from the wall and take on decorative elements.  They were central to the life of the Chateau, providing a gathering place and maintaining warmth during the cold French winters. 

The upper shelf of the mantel is canted out and stepped in. This rests upon a large oak lintel, original to the fireplace.  Beneath the lintel are massive, shaped corbels on either side, resting upon carved limestone blocks.  What was once the focal point of large room of a chateau, this ancient limestone fireplace mantel from France is now ready for a very special home.

Firebox Opening: H-49 5/8, W-48 7/8

Overall Dimensions: H-65, L-71 1/8, D-48 1/2
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