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Code 916-51
Antique Wrought Iron Torchere from Italy, 18th Century

This stately 18th Century torchere from Italy has a pyramid shape at the top which has been hand hammered and is removeable (see photos). It holds seven prickets and two candleholders.  Interspersed between the prickets and holders are fleur de lis iron motifs.  Its center post ends on tripod legs and feet with two out turned shapes each.  Large nailheads are at the knees of the shaped legs. The fleur de lis has long been associated with France, but it has also been the emblem of Florence Italy since the 11th century.

Torcheres were used for centuries to light rooms with candlelight.  This one from the 1700’s will be an asset to any room.

CONDITION: Minor losses to some motifs.

H=63 3/4, W=28 1/4, D=17 1/2
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