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Code 910-27
Antique Silvered Bronze Candlestick from France, Early 1800s

This antique French silver over bronze religious candlestick is in the Louis XIV Style. What is so significant about this piece is that the chasing is very fine –many of the raised ornaments being very small and intricate, down to a width of less than 1/16 of an inch. The raised oval panels depict religious figures and on one panel, a pair of cherubs. They are framed by shaped moldings on a granulated ground with ornamentation of acanthus leaves, ionic forms and stylized fleur-de-lys. The bottom corners of this tripod paneled base are volutes decorated with acanthus leaves, surmounting three pawed feet.

CONDITION: Good. Not US wired. Small hole in the body and one section of top molding missing (would be hidden by lampshade); wearing of relief commensurate with age. Please inspect photos..

H=28 1/2, 10x10 Base
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