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Code 315-4
Pair of Large 19th Century Bronze Doré French Sconces of Medusa and the Sun

This radiant pair of antique French bronze doré sconces measure about 41” in height! Their style can be considered transitional, since we can see motifs from both Louis XV and Louis XVI (although mostly Louis XVI). The ornamentation on the central Eagle shields is from mythology, telling the story of Medusa, and the Sun. These are classical motifs dating back to antiquity and can be found on ancient coins, Greek vases, Roman mosaics and more. There is a vast amount of symbolism which can and has been interpreted by countless historians and writers.

This pair of large antique French bronze doré sconces are very unique and will make an elegant statement wherever they are hung. The color of the gilding is excellent. We have had them electrified so they are ready for installation.

CONDITION: Excellent. Minor rubs to bronze dore, oxidation in areas, old surface grime.

H=41 1/4, W=17.88, D=8
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