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Code 417-63
A Circa 1900 Wrought Iron Lantern from France

This is an incredibly detailed and artfully hand forged antique iron lantern. The lantern has a total of six panels, top to bottom. There are three main sections to this round lantern: the top which curves outward or is convex, the center which is indented, with straight sections in the round, and the bottom which curves outward or is convex like the top. The top and bottom have motifs of beautiful berries, leaves and tendrils.  The center sections are full of C scrolls with motifs on the outside between panels of S and C scrolls.  One center section opens to allow the placement of a large candle or, if wired, the bulb or bulbs.  The motif at the top is a pierced oval piece of iron with more c-scrolls and tendrils and beneath.  The base of the lantern duplicates this.

This unique French lantern will display a myriad of shadows when it is lit by candle or electric light, due to its tight placement of motifs.

CONDITION: Very good condition with only rusting to the iron.

H=34, W=15 1/2, D=15
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