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Code 219-6
Antique Gros Relief French Barbotine Lamp, Circa 1880

This stunning antique French lamp has been made with a barbotine vase with gros relief flowers. It is mounted to an ormolu base, and a contemporary black shade has been added. The vibrant colors of the vase include pinks, creams, greens, blacks, and tans in various depths of color.

Antique French Barbotine had its beginnings in the middle of the 1700’s when the Kaolin clay for the barbotine was discovered near Limoges. It had been used in China for their porcelain and was highly sought after. It was the only clay from which a translucent-glassy hard white ceramic could be made. The complexity of making the flowers resulted in a time intensive process. The petals were formed into a paper-thin fineness, placed onto the vase and then colored. Upon firing, the entire process could be ruined by the using the wrong temperature. The production of these vases took great skill.

CONDITION:  Good antique condition with minor losses to base glaze, small losses to flower petals, ormolu has minor oxidation.

H=28 1/2, Shade Diameter=18
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