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Code 618-4
Small Stripped Oak Gothic Trunk from France, Circa 1890

This small French trunk is made from oak and has been stripped at some point in its history. White gesso remains in some areas, which brings out the details in the carvings. It dates to the late 1800’s, however, the panels are from an earlier period. 

The top is hinged, opening to storage inside. Intricate moldings surround the top as shown in the pictures.  The latch to open the top is on the small center top panel where there are five rows of vertical decorated iron strips. It is the far left hand strip that lifts up to open the top.  Each of these strips has a variety of French motifs, including the Fleur De Lys.  There is a panel beneath this section which has two sections depicting shields with different motifs on each.  The panels on either side have the same interesting shield motifs. At either end are pilasters which have been intricately carved.  The sides have Gothic style ornamentation. All this rests upon a solid wooden platform.

Fascinating to decipher all the various carvings, this table top trunk from France will be a subject of much conversation and study.

CONDITION:  Very good condition with expected wear to motifs, minor losses.

H=17 1/8, L=27 7/8, D=11
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