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Code 917-23
Circa 1650 Walnut Wood Trunk from Spain

This amazing walnut wood trunk from Spain dates to the middle of of the 17th century. It has unusually thick iron hardware in the form of floral motifs attaching the boards, and there are also longer iron straps along the inside back board. We usually see these on the outside of trunks. This adds to the relative simplicity of the piece.  Some nail heads can be seen on the top side of the trunk, which correspond to the iron straps on the other side of the board. Inside and to the left, is the valuables box with a wonderful hand carved motif on the lid. Today this antique walnut trunk can still be used for the same purpose, added storage, seating and much more.

CONDITION: Good overall condition with some old restorations, traces of old wormwood, front latch missing, 3 nailheads on top missing, all commensurate with age

H=21 1/4, L=44 3/8, D=19 1/2
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