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Code 417-38
17th Century Oak and Iron Bound Money Trunk from Haut Jura, France

From the 1600’s, this French money trunk is heavily clad with thick, iron strapping that goes completely around the trunk.  Though this trunk’s ironwork was designed for the security of the money, it did not lack artistic design as noted on the front panel. The inner portion of the trunk has a double walled thickness of wood on all four sides. This has been attached to the interior of the outer section with various sizes of iron nailheads.  There is an elaborate iron locking system and the original key! This magnificent 17th century money trunk will be the focal point of any area it is placed.

CONDITION: Surface scratches and grain separations, some rusting to iron all consistent with the age of 17th Century.

H=13 5/8, L=35 7/8, D=14
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