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Code 318-35
A Long Circa 1800 Gothic Style Oak Board Trunk from France

This is an unusually long Gothic style trunk from France, measuring nearly 6.5 feet long. It is carved from thick oak planks, and it dates to circa 1800.  The trunk has well carved characteristic Gothic ornamentation on all of the front panels, while the rest of the piece remains simple, except a small molding to the lid. The big oak panels are joined by dowel reinforced mortise and tenon construction.

The long single plank lid is attached by iron hinges and opens to reveal a large rectangular space which reveals how all the boards were assembled. There is also a latch and keyhole at the center. This rare trunk would be perfect at the foot of a king size bed, an accent piece under a tall tapestry, or any area needing a large and elegant storage solution.

CONDITION: Good condition with age separations, old nicks, and abrasions.

H=20 7/8, L=75 5/8, D=19 1/4
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