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Code 917-33
Antique Italian Walnut Wood Cassone, Circa 1715

The cassone (coffre or trunk) was an Italian innovation during the 15th century, principally in Florence.   It featured various hand carved motifs from nature, animal origin, human origin and more.  Often the feet were lion’s paws, and they were used for a variety of decorative and storage purposes.

This particular antique Italian cassone has been hand carved out European walnut wood and dates to the early 1700’s.  The top is plain with a double molding and the sides are also plain with two wrought iron handles. The motifs on the front panel are a central cartouche of scrolling rinceau composed of acanthus leaves and flower heads, and a linear molding surrounding it with flowing grape leaf vines and grapes. This panel has two caryatids at either end acting as pilasters.  All this rests upon four lion’s paw feet, of which the back two are only half paws. The interior is clean, with a mix of old boards and some, more recent. From Italy, this wonderful cassone will provide added storage and decoration anywhere in the home.

CONDITION: Good antique condition with some old restorations, minor losses, age separations, and some old wood wood damage.

H=23 1/8, L=70 1/4, D=23 1/2
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