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Antique Italian Walnut Wood Cassone from the 1600s

This magnificent Italian Cassone dates to the 1600s. It is architectural in its styling, yet the geometric angles have been softened by varying multiple levels of moldings. There are stepped in and stepped out moldings, squares and rectangles on the center area of the cassone. The apron switches to curved motifs with its egg and dart gadrooned lobes and acanthus leaf corner motifs. Each lobe had to be carved differently from the rest due to the angles of the lobes changing as they move to either side. This ebenist was a master at his craft. This all rests upon four large hand-carved pawed feet.

This 17th century Italian Cassone will be an asset to any area it is placed in.

CONDITION: Very good antique condition; minor nicks, rubs, scratches, age separations. Might be advised not to leave trunk open and hanging. Very heavy top with old hinges (one of three nail hinges missing).Beautiful patina

H=23 5/8, L=75 3/4, D=25 1/4
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