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Code 219-84
17th Century Italian Walnut Wood Corner Cabinet

This antique walnut cabinet is from northern Italy's Veneto region.  The top has stepped in moldings while the door frontage has two panels, each with three levels of shaped moldings having a star at the center. The inside with three shelves, has been upholstered at some recent point in time.  The feet are stepped out and shaped at the corners. This handsome piece will conveniently tuck into the corner of any room. It is in good condition, and the walnut has gained a rich warm patina over the years. Key for lock is included.

CONDITION: Very good antique condition with minor nicks and small loss to back of upper left molding. A few small areas of old fill.

H=79, Crown Width=45 1/4, Body Width=43, Crown Depth=24 1/2, Body Depth=22 1/2
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