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Code 218-13
Large Antique Wine Tasting Table from France

From France, this mid 1800's wine tasting table is oval in shape and has a nice warm color. This example is larger than most tasting tables on the market, which leads us to believe it was owned by a vineyard. The size of the table can comfortably seat six people. As with most of the French wine tasting tables, it has a flip top that folds down. This allows for easy storage in wine rooms or vineyards, when not in use. Of course, it can also be used a breakfast table or dining table. We have had several wine tasting tables over the years, but we have never had one of this size and shape. Age: Circa 1850.

CONDITION: Good antique condition with old restorations, slight variations in finish, minor losses to wood, traces of old woodworm. Slight movement in top as seen in profile photos. Height of table varies from 29 1/8 to 30 1/4

Average Height=29.7 inches, Length=68, Width=51 5/8
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