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Code 318-70
A Fantastic 19th Century Walnut Wood Table and Jardiniere

This small rectangular walnut wood table is completely unique. Not only is the carving phenomenal, but it can transfrom from a small table to jardiniere!  When the top is lifted off, a tin planter is revealed. Depending upon the climate, perhaps in the summer, flowering plants could be planted, and in the winter, the top would be placed back.  The fine carving on the top of the table has an oval which depicts a house within a setting of water, trees and mountains. A water wheel is at the forefront of the house and two people are in a boat are to the left of this.

The top is slotted in place by 4 dowels at each corner. When the top is removed, small carved finials can be hand placed into 8 slots for added decoration. At each corner, are larger floral carvings which also fit directly into the existing holes.

The ornamentation on the rest of the table is floral and foliate in nature, again, very finely carved (See photos).  The legs are barley twist with a double, rectangular barley twist stretcher. This rectangular stretcher is connected to the outer legs by canted barley twist sections. The blocks in between have palmettes defined by tiny linear dots. Six different sized finials are at the top of this rectangle.  All this rests upon four casters for feet.

Amazing to see, this walnut wood table with jardinière will be the focal point of any area it is placed in.

CONDITION:  Very good condition with previous restorations to some finials, age separations, minor rubs to wood, traces of old wood worm all commensurate with age and use. 

H=32, L=32 7/8, W=22 3/4
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