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Code 916-72
A Bronze Tritons Coffee Table with Glass Top

This is a unique coffee table with a thick square glass top and smooth rounded corners.  Upholding the glass top are two verdigris bronze Triton figures (one piece). Triton, a Greek mythological god, is known as the messenger of the sea.  He was son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, god and goddess of the sea. The glass top allows for easy viewing of the bronze, as well as visually minimizing the actual floor space the table uses. Approximate age is 30-40 years.

CONDITION: Very good. Please notice small imperfection close to edge of table, near corner (photo #7). This imperfection is located within the glass, and the exterior surface is completely smooth.

H=19 1/8, L=46 7/8, W=35 7/8
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