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Code 318-90
17th Century Swiss Money Changer Table

This intriguing table was used to discreetly exchange currencies between the worlds first bankers and their clients. This type of table is first seen in the 1500's, and they were usually either equipped with sliding and locking drawers. This way transactions can remain discreet to the public, and the sliding drawers or top made for an extra element of security for the banker to protect himself from seated clientele. The tables are quite rare today.

This table from Switzerland has an exceptionally nice form and warm color. The table has a drawer frontage on either side of one main drawer. The drawer slides back and forth to accommodate both parties. There is ornamentation of palmettes on the frieze, separated by a conforming panel and a scalloped border on both sides.  The table has shaped legs and four feet connected by four peripheral stretchers.  Made in Switzerland in the 17th century, this wonderful antique can be used as center table or hallway table, side table, serving table, or even as a deep console.

CONDITION:  Good overall condition with some old restorations, scratches, minor glaze anomalies and traces of old wood worm, all commensurate with age. Bottom of drawer has a split

H=30 1/4, L=46 1/2, W=34 3/4
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