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Code 318-83
Antique Stripped Single Plank Chestnut Table from Spain

Tables of this general style were first produced in Spain in the early 1600s. The most impressive tables used single plank tops, sometimes as much as 16 feet long and 4 feet wide. Primary woods for these tables were most often walnut, but sometimes chestnut and oak. The table below was constructed from chestnut wood and has a fantastic 8.5 foot long single plank top. It has lyre scrolled trestle legs with a scrolling iron brace.  Stripped of it's finish at some point in its history, it now has a beautiful light clear wax sheen. Today, European Chestnut wood is also difficult to find, having been wiped out at some point in time by a blight. This rare 19th Century single plank European Chestnut wood table will be the focal point of any room it is placed in.

CONDITION: Age separations, minor scratches and abrasions, water marks, slight bend to one end of plank. Please see photos.

H=30 1/2, L=104 1/8, D=31 1/2
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