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Code 1115-3
Rare Pair of French Rococo Consoles, circa 1760

This magnificent pair of antique French consoles have been stripped/scrubbed down at some point in their history. They are carved out of pine, which confirms that they were originally painted or possibly gilded. Upon inspection, you can see faint remnants of gesso.

It is hard to find pairs of these 18th century consoles and the motifs of the carvings are also quite unusual. These have typical Rococo design elements, but also several hunt inspired motifs, such a hunting Horn carved into the center shell. There is also a carved bird trophy on the leg of each console, with their feet strung by ribbons. Other carved motifs include gadrooned leaves, abundant florets and C- and S-scroll leaves. These flow gracefully and with much elegance, an attribute significant to the French Rococo Period.

The conforming marble tops were made in a later period. These consoles possibly originate from the Northeastern portion of France. They will be an important focal point anywhere they are placed.

CONDITION: Excellent. Very good antique condition with old wood worm with later, well done restorations under marble. One marble is approximately .25 inch narrower.

H=31 3/4, L=40, D=16
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