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Code 219-91
Antique Circular Genoese Carved Wood and Marble Table, Circa 1820

From Genoa Italy, this round walnut wood, bistro table with a marble top has the most spectacular hand carved pedestal. The round column beneath the marble top has Gothic style arches that end at the point where the wreath goes around the column.  Beneath the wreath are fluted columns with vines upholding bunches of hanging fruit.  The vines are looped over small flat knobs interspersed equidistant around the column. The feet are magnificent S-Scrolls topped by leaves in the form of a stylized Dolphin with a female mask at the front. These would have been very complicated to carve. The marble top has a carved recessed to sit directly on the wooden pedestal. It stays attached by its own weight.

CONDITION: Minor chips and small cracks to marble. Pedestal has some minor losses and traces of old woodworm.

H=30 7/8, Diameter of Top=28 1/4
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