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Code 219-25
17th Century Italian Walnut Wood Table


This fabulous walnut wood table from Italy dates to the 1600’s. It's an excellent example of tables produced in Northern Italy during this period: its legs are closed, shaped and lyre in form. This style of table is sometimes referred to as a "Frattino Type". The top is a single plank piece of walnut wood, which is rare to find.  There is a shaped stretcher that passes through the lyre legs and the feet are platform. The legs are particularly nice on this table. The boards used were thick and nicely worn, in perfect proportion with the top and stretcher. Today, this table measures about 5.5 feet long, and will be perfect as a breakfast table, sofa or console table. It has the desirable coloration that can only be found in very old European walnut pieces with a quality wax finish.

CONDITION:  Good antique condition commensurate with age. Scratches, markings, minor losses to wood in areas, small fill to top, and old wood worm damage.

H=30 5/8, L=65 5/8, W=26 1/2
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