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Code 417-6
Antique Limed Oak Table from England

From England, this limed or whitewashed oak table dates to the early 1800’s. The two- plank top has large graceful burls or knots at the center of each plank as well as lovely graining throughout the rest of the wood. At the ends of the table are two small boards allowing for a slight overhang to the ends of the tabletop. The apron has carved lunettes filled with stylized acanthus leaves and bordered on the bottom with a twisted rope motif. Volutes are beneath this at all corners of the apron. The legs are blocks at the top followed by fluted balusters and blocks at the base. Peripheral stretchers are inset into each block.

This beautifully worn English table will be an asset to any room it is placed in.

CONDITION: Very good condition with age separations commensurate with early 1800’s. Limed at some point in its history.

H=28 3/4, L=71 5/8, D=29 5/8
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