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Code 912-93
Massive Italian Elmwood Dining Table-Mid 1900's

This massive Italian figured Elmwood table dates to the mid 1900’s.  The figured grain of the European Elmwood on the table is absolutely magnificent, and gives texture to the straight lines of the thick top. There are three inlaid chevron shapes with opposing grains equidistant to each other with the center chevron being wider than the other two.  These also add interest to straight lines of the top.  There are four baluster shaped legs and central beam running through the plinths.  This rests upon four platform feet running the width of the table. For transport, the legs detach from the tabletop.

This long Italian table will be a statement in any dining room.

Condition:  Rubs and nicks to wood.

H=29 5/8, L=157 1/2 (13.1 feet), D=35 3/8
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