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Code 415-101
Unusual 18th Century Walnut Wood Commode from Languedoc with Original Saint Cyr Stone Top

The Languedoc is a region which stretches roughly from Montpellier to Toulouse. In the 18th century, there a handful of production centers that making high quality furniture. The Languedoc commodes often share several traits with commodes from Provence. They can often be created as "Sauteuse" models, which have two drawers, and taller legs, such as this one. Some of the commodes were "galbe" or rounded/curved in the front. More rare, were models which were both galbe and "arbalete" or crossbow front, such as this one. Not only is the front galbe, but so are the sides. This would have been a very difficult piece to carve. It is carved out of walnut wood, which was the preferred wood. The top is the original stone to the piece, called St. Cyr.

Long before the commode’s appearance in other regions of France, commodes from the South of France were known to be the ultimate in construction and by far, the most elegant in their design.  This commode is no exception to the rule.  It will be the focal point of any room it is placed in.

CONDITION:  Very good antique condition; minor rubs, nicks, losses of wood, and age separations.

H=33 3/8, L=51 3/8, D=27 7/8
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