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Code 415-73
18th Century Louis XV Walnut Wood Commode

This is a stunning period Regence commode with its front façade having an arbalete or cross-bow form. It has been constructed with French walnut wood and bronze hardware. Note the upper drawer level—it appears to be exactly like the bottom two full length drawers. However, there are three drawers. There are traverse rails in between and a shaped apron all having the same crossbow form. On each drawer there are three molded panels with indented symmetrical moldings. The hardware is bronze with rosettes and drop handles, typical of the Regence hardware motifs. The corners are rounded with a single arched symmetrical panel over a protruding shaped knee having scrolled front feet beneath. The back legs have an inner curve with a side scrolled foot facing to the back.

These commodes "en arbalete" are rare because they were extremely difficult to construct. Due to the preciseness of lining up the raised and indented ridges of the traverse rails with the drawers and carving this shape out of a thick piece of walnut wood, only the best cabinetmakers were commissioned.

This elegant period Regence commode will be an asset to any room it is placed in.

CONDITION: Very good antique condition commensurate with age of early 1700’s. Old restorations, minor rubs and scratches, age separations. Please inspect photos.

H=33 1/4, L=49 7/8, D=24 1/8
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