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Code 911-37
Antique French Walnut Wood Estagnier (Plate Rack)

Early 1900s

This charming antique French walnut wood estagnier or standing plate rack is in the Louis XV style. It has an upper rack for shorter plates or accessories and a lower rack for taller plates and accessories. Two finials flank either side of the lower rack. The interior back has been papered with a red felt panel which gives the plates or accessories a background color other than wood.  The French often covered the interior backs of vaisseliers (vessel holders) with cloth (toile de jouey—cloth of the day), colored paper or scenic canvases to enhance the often unfinished interior portions of wood .

The hand carved ornamentation is that of asymmetrical rocaille shells, scrolling vines and flowers and openwork acanthus leaf motifs , all typical of the Louis XV style.  The sides have incised lines and scrolled shells. The top has six decorative finials with the front finials having decorative drops.  The four feet and are scrolled.  This antique French standing plate rack has been beautifully done and will be an attribute to any area it stands in.
Condition:  Minor old loss of wood on back foot and one finial rim on lower left front, minor rubs to wood. Restorations.

H=48 3/4, W=42 3/4, D=17
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