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Large Antique Walnut Wood Credenza from Tuscany Italy, 17th Century

From Tuscany, Italy, this large and light colored walnut wood credenza dates to the 1600’s.  The ornamentation on credenzas of this period in Italy was uncomplicated:

"Many of the seventeenth century Baroque credenze were exceedingly simple and direct in their design. The breaking of the plinth and the cornice around the bases and capitals of pilasters, when they occur, is rather typical of Baroque manner, although the practice is not confined to the Baroque age, as instances of it can be found much earlier." "Another minor difference in contour often shewn by credenze of the Baroque period and the following transitional era is to be seen in the canted corners of the example in Plate 37b. Occasionally the corners instead of being canted were curved so as to form quadrants on the plan, these quadrants being either convex or concave and re-entrant. Many of the credenze (Baroque) remained of the same length as formerly, but there was a noticeable tendency in many quarters to decrease the length and somewhat increase the height in proportion to the length." The Practical Book of Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese Furniture. Harold Donaldson Eberlein. Roger Wearne Ramsdell. Philadelphia & London. J.B. Lippincott Company. 1927

The Tuscan credenza below is about 8.5 feet long and has an impressive height of 42 inches. There are 6 doors along the bottom and two small doors on the sides of the top. The piece has 5 drawers and two faux small faux drawers with brass pulls.   The top of the piece is made of two long boards with a simple pyramidal shaped restorative insert. There are other well done wooden inserts in other parts of the piece. In the center panel, is a stamped and encircled FA, which is rare to see in pieces of this age. It could have been a makers mark or an inventory marking of a Villa. This simple, yet elegant and honey-colored walnut wood Italian credenza will be the focal point of any area in which its placed.

CONDITION: 20th century interior metal clasps to hold doors closed. Some discoloration to top and very old restorations as seen in photos. Traces of old woodworm. Some pulls replaced.

H=42, L=101 3/4, D=18 1/8
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