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Code 1107-06
Louis XV Style Painted Enfilade with Faux Marble Top-Late 1800's

During the period of Louis XV, interior architecture and design took a decidedly different approach and appearance to that which was done in the previous period, under Louis XIV.  Marble walls gave way to high wooden paneled room or “boiserie”.  The panels were carved, painted and varnished in 2-4 different colors, and often highlighted with gilding.  The furniture’s molding and ornamentation would then be painted to pick up the colors of the boiserie.  Rooms became smaller, decidedly more intimate, and far more elegant.  It was the Golden Age of Design.

This antique parcel paint Louis XV style four door buffet has been painted in two tones of the famous “French” pale green, which is so difficult to imitate.  The buffet’s moldings are defined by a darker tone of the pale green.  Asymmetrical center door moldings are balanced by the two smaller doors at either end which have an imperceptible rise to the outer far left and right hand upper molding, balancing the asymmetry.  Notched corners and indented but raised shaped panels are at each door’s center.  The corners are rounded with panels having a curved top and horizontal bottom.  The side panels are square with indented raised panels.  The top is faux marbre which was in vogue with much of the painted furniture of that time.  The base goes to the floor and is a continuous with rounded corners.

This parcel paint antique French pale green buffet will be an attribute to any home. Condition:  Parcel paint; rubs to paint and wood in areas

*We also have a dining room table in these wonderful colors which would complement this buffet beautifully

H=37 1/2, L=85 1/2, D=24 3/4


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