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Code 410-10
17th Century French Oak Vaisselier, Lorraine, Circa 1680

Vaisseliers have their origins with French country cabinetmakers in the very late 1600’s. Our vaisselier falls squarely into this category, as one of the earliest produced. During this period, they were reserved for the Noble and Bourgeoisie classes who wanted to display their wealth by exposing their valuable faience plates. Elements of the Regence style were already becoming present at this time. Regence was less imposing than that of Louis XIV, but less exuberant than that of Louis XV.   The finest examples came from the Eastern and Southern parts of France. This buffet-vaisselier was constructed by an ebenist or country cabinetmaker using solid European Oak, which during the Louis XIV Period was considered the premier wood.  This piece, from the Lorraine region of North Eastern France, has ornamentation from both Louis XIV and Regence periods.  There are sunflowers, C-scrolls, asymmetrical and symmetrical deep recessed moldings, rounded corners, and shaped squat front feet and block back feet.  This is a very rare and fine example of a superb country French vaisselier.

CONDITION:  Previous restorations, losses, rubs, nicks, age separations as seen in photos. The dividers in drawers added at a later time and magnets attached to the inside front drawers. No Keys.

H=84 1/2, L=70 3/4, D=21 1/2 (+2 1/2 in center)
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