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Code 417-90
Antique Regence Style Buffet de Chasse, Loire Valley France, Mid 1800s

This antique French cabinet is what's known as a 'Buffet de Chasse'. The elegant and subtle ornamentation in the Regence Style (originally seen in the early 1700's). There is an iron pull for each drawer; however, the drawers cannot be accessed until the doors are opened, an added safety feature. That being said, during a meal, it was customary to leave the doors open so that guests could view and be offered various dishes of silver and faience, showing the wealth of the host. Therefore, the interior of the doors was often carved with moldings. The interior of this buffets' doors has the same raised moldings as the outside doors for this reason. They were also used as presentation pieces for the meals. The cooked game from the hunt would be placed atop the thick marble. This piece has a stunning piece of marble with a white ground and grey veins. The exterior of this buffet de chasse features patterned ground motifs on the drawer frontages, which is one of the features of the French Regence style. The motifs at the top center indents are scrolling and gadrooned leaves with very delicate floral drops beneath each. The front sides of either door replicate stylized pilaster columns with motifs of shells surrounded by facing volutes and floral drops at the top and bottom of each panel. The sides have raised molded panels with curved paneled corners. There is a flat, peripheral base, which was standard for these special French buffets. From the mid 1800’s, this elegant piece from the Loire Valley will be the focal point wherever it is placed.

CONDITION: Very good condition with minor age separations and nicks to wood. There are some variations to the finish of the wood.

H=35 7/8, L=59, D=23
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