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Code 914-19
A Large 19th Century Walnut Wood Buffet from Provence, France

This exquisite large antique French buffet is typical of Provence. Constructed from French walnut wood, it has two front doors and two drawers, with the left drawer having silverware separators. The carving on this piece is magnificent and very dimensional. Note the frieze beneath the drawers with crinkled ribbons tying together a c-scroll of various foliate motifs. The longer leaves fold over each other and bend so realistically, you feel they are real. The flowers on the center stationary dormant are carved into shapes of new buds and wilted old blossoms with more leaves bending, turning and curling at the ends. Also look at the c-scrolls on the trim portions—they end in graceful carved leaf buds as opposed to a simple raised circle. This ebeniste was definitely a master carver. The side panels are arched with shaped indents and have a gentle curve outward from front to back. The front feet are large and in proportion with the size of the furniture. They are deeply carved scrolled feet while the back feet are incised scrolls.

This antique buffet from the South of France shares many of the same attributes and design elements of it's ancestors in the 1700's, yet it has a larger than normal size, and because it is end of the 1800's/circa 1900, it is in overall excellent condition.

CONDITION: Interior shelving has been covered with faux wood grained contact paper. Minor nicks, rubs, scratches, age separations

H=42, L=70 5/8, D=24 3/8
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