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Code 718-4
18th Century Stripped Oak Buffet Deux Corps from France

This attractive tall period Regence buffet deux corps has been made from European Oak in the early 1700’s. During this period, oak was considered the one of the finest woods, and we see it used in large and important case pieces such as this one. They were used to store a variety of household goods, but they were also used to display expensive faience and silver pieces (doors swung open). The original stain was recently removed, exposing the beautiful natural oak color beneath.

 The overall design of this large buffet is elegant with a restrained, rectilinear form. The crown is stepped out and flat with rounded corners.  The upper cabinet is narrower and has two doors with two short hinge pins each. Note the lower portion of the moldings of each panel are symmetrically aligned with the shape of the molding directly beneath it. The corners are slightly rounded and the sides of the cabinet each have two plain, raised panels separated by horizontal boards. The bottom cabinet is wider with two doors. Its ornamentation follows the shape of the upper cabinet.  The base is platform in shape.

Inside, the upper cabinet has been painted turquoise and has five shaped shelves.  The bottom cabinet has been left in its natural color and has one shelf. This beautiful and imposing French buffet cabinet has a wonderful color and can be used in a variety of interiors.

CONDITION: Very good antique condition with age abrasions to the wood, age separations, minor discolorations to the wash.

H=114, Width (lower section)=66 5/8, Depth (lower section)=24 1/8
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