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Code 417-89
Beautiful Circa 1700 Stripped Oak Presentation Buffet from the Ile De France Region

This period Regence presentation buffet is made from European oak and has its original shaped marble. The Regence style was always elegant and charming without stiffness. In keeping with the ornamentation of the period, the lines of this buffet are very clean and are only interrupted by stepped out pilasters with very finely carved motifs at the top and bottom, where there is a peripheral base. The corners are galbe, softening what would have been a squared off corner on other buffets. To add interest to the doors, their plain front panels have various sizes of curved moldings. The entire front of this piece, including its marble, is slightly shaped outward. This buffet or enfilade would have been along a wall in the dining room of a Chateau, in the late 1600s to early 1700s.

From the Ile de France region that surrounds and includes Paris, this rare period Regence buffet will be the focal point of any area it is placed.

CONDITION: Very minor nick, age separations, and surface finish discolorations from stripping. Marble has old restorations.

H=39 1/4, L=87 1/2, D=31 5/8
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